Area A

Area A : Sawahlunto Mining Town

A.1. Soengai Doerian Mining Site

A1.1. Doerian Mining Pit Compound

A1.2. Pandjang Mining Pit Compound

A1.3. Soengai Doerian Mining Pit Compound

A1.4. Loento Mining Pit Compound

A1.5. Mining Tunnel

A2. Mining School

A.3. Coal Processing Plant Compound

A.4.Ombilin Train Transportation

A4.1. Sawahlunto Train Station

A4.2. Kubang Sirakuak Power Plant

A4.3. Kalam Railway Tunnel

A4.4. Muara Kalaban Train Station

A.5.Company City

A.5.1 Mining Administration Compound

A5.1.a. Head Office of Ombilin Mining Enterprise

A5.1.b. Engineer Residence W-24

A5.1.c. Engineer Residence W-28

A5.1.d. Engineer Residence W-29

A5.1.e. Engineer Residence W-30

A5.1.f. Engineer Residence W-46

A5.1.g. Engineer Residence W-14

A5.1.h. Engineer Residence W-15

A5.1.i. Engineer Residence W-16

A.5.2.Tangsi Buruh Compound

A5.2.a. Tangsi Tanah Lapang

A5.2.b. Tangsi Baru

A5.2.c. Soup Kitchen Complex

A.5.3.Medical Facility

A5.3.a. Hospital

A5.3.b. Doctor Residence W-1

A5.3.c. Doctor Residence W-2

A5.3.d. Doctor Residence W-3


A5.4.a. Comedy House

A5.4.b. Pek Sin Kek House

A5.4.c. Ons Belang Co-operative

A.5.5.Supporting Facilities

A5.5.a. Ombilin Ground

A5.5.b. Assembly Hall

A5.5.c. Ombilin Hotel

A5.5.d. Santa Barbara Catholic Church

A5.5.e. Santa Lucia School

A5.5.f. Santa Barbara Convent

A5.5.g. House of the Assistant Resident

A5.5.h. House of the Court Chief

A5.5.i. House of the State Attorney

A5.5.j. House of the Court Clerk

A5.5.k. House of the Municipal Government Official 1

A5.5.l. House of the Municipal Government Official 2

A.6 Salak power plant and Rantih water pump station

A.6.1 Power Plant Salak Compound

A6.2. Rantih Water Pumping Station Compound