Area B

Area B : Railway Facilities and Engineering Structures

B1.Railway System

The topography of the railroad tracks is more in the form of hills, dense forests, infiltrating between valleys and passing fast rivers.

B2.Batu Tabal Station

Batu Tabal Station used to be used for cross-cutting services and inter-coal railroad arrangements from the Ombilin coal mine in Sawahlunto to the port of Teluk Bayur, which has been inactive since early 2003 due to the exhaustion of coal.

B3.Padang Panjang Station

Padang Panjang Railway Station was founded by the Indies government- Netherlands in 1889. Officially this station operated in 1891.

B4.Jembatan Tinggi

Over the Anai river, an arch bridge was built in 1890. From the construction drawing, it can be seen that bridge is 108.5 metre-long, the arch is 35 metre-long, the distance between the railway bridge and the surface of the river is 36 metre, the total height of the construction is 16 metre.

B5.Kayu Tanam Station

Kayu Tanam Station (KTN) is a class II train station located in Nagari Kayu Tanam, 2×11 Kayu Tanam, Padang Pariaman. This station has eight railway lines with line 2 being a straight line and lines 7 and 8 as badug tracks for storing coal wagons.